Identify Citrix performance issues

Deep dive in your network's technical setup

We diagnose software and hardware with focus on network latency issues

Citrix & Network Assessment

  • Citrix Performance Review
  • Protocols Analysis
  • Wide Area Network Assessment
  • Local Area Network Audit
  • Network Infrastructure Review
  • Physical Network Mapping & Documentation
Detailed network performance analysis
Using advanced tools on-site, we analyse bandwidth usage and requirements, Quality of Service (QoS), latency, throughput, jitter and packet loss among other parameters.

Bandwidth refers to the network capacity to carry traffic, expressed in Megabits per seconds (Mbps) or in Mega Bytes per seconds (MBps). A higher bandwidth means that more traffic can be carried over the newtork. However It does not imply how fast the communication will take place. Although if you attempt to put more traffic over a network than the available bandwidth you will get packets of data being discarded and re-transmitted later which will degrade the performance.

The latency is the time taken for a packet of data to travel to its destination (usually in milliseconds). It refers to the length of time it takes for data that you feed into one end of the network to emerge at the other end, usually measured as the round-trip-time. It is intuitive that a bigger delay means a slower connection

Packet Loss
Inherently caused by high latency, but also caused by upstream/downstream issues with your ISP, as well as faulty hardware, wiring, and drivers. Ideally we want a 0% packet loss. Any loss, no matter how small, can represent a problem within the network setup

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