We deploy open source, cloud-based enterprise resource planning systems

Automate and integrate your operations, management, services & reporting

Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Sales Order and Invoice Processing
  • Inventory Management, goods-in/out
  • Manage Suppliers and Customers
  • Accounting, and Reporting
We provide the management with a tool that delivers on an increased number of functionalities, covering the processes end-to-end, automating manual processes and providing custom, real-time reporting facilities on customer behaviour, stock levels, financial performance, etc.

We deliver highly customised versions of open-source software including extended modules: production planning, inventory management & planning, demand forecasting, purchasing, order management, finance, human resources.

We deploy ERP solutions based on your functional needs, by implementing both off-the-shelf modules and bespoke pieces of software. We integrate your ERP with your CRM, websites and e-commerce platforms, all based on existing or newly developed API's.

Putting an ERP in place is a headache. Most implementations go over budget, take too long, don’t deliver on the plan. We have a clear plan, a clear problem-solving framework, and clear goals setting to make ERP implementation a success..

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