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NAS and File Storage Migration

  • NAS Architecture Analysis
  • Back-up & Sync jobs replication
  • Robust Cloud Architecture Design
  • Data Integrity & Recovery Processes
  • File Migration
  • Identity and Access Management
  • NAS Decommissioning

We migrate your NAS or file storage to the Cloud

Set-up a reliable & scalable architecture to host your data & backups

NAS and File Storage Migration
Very often companies keep Network Attached Storage (NAS) on premises to store data and file backups. Over time, the required disk space increase with the increase in number of folders, files and often data duplication. Backup and Sync jobs grow over time and may not be well monitored or maintained, therefore creating a loss of control over data quality and recovery.

From current NAS architecture mapping to file migration to the cloud, you are informed and trained about where that specific service provider stores the data, how long, in which jurisdiction the specific service provider operates, and which laws apply. We provide comprehensive documentation on the migration process and the infrastructure that is in place.

Your data are uploaded with ultimate control of your company. You users are able to decide whom to grant direct access to data and with which permissions such access is granted.

You are always able to extract your data from the service provider at any time without experiencing any vendor lock-in. We only use open standards for formats and protocols to guarantee this. The ultimate choice of hosting company is yours, based on technical design options.

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