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Preventative Security and Post Hack Resolution

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Help is available if your website has recently been hacked

We have a great deal of experience in both clean-up and the future prevention of common hacks to WordPress

As our world continues to be more and more digitally orientated, cyber-security is becoming a relevant topic for all sizes of business. The volume of cyber crime and hacking is increasing on a daily basis. As a result, TDR-SEED have become very familiar with assisting our clients in both the clean-up of hacked websites and also with projects that focus on future preventative measures.

WordPress as a Hacking Target
As WordPress is a very common platform for websites it is also interesting to hackers due to the large number of potential targets. WordPress is also known for many security vulnerabilities due to the wide array of third-party plugins and themes.

Problems and Preventative Solutions
If a WordPress website is compromised, hackers are able to post content or use your web-server for a variety of illegal or reputation damaging purposes. TDR-SEED is familiar with the best practices needed to secure your web-server and your WordPress website installation and prevent you from becoming a target.

We can assist your company if you have recently suffered a hack or security breach. Contact us for a rapid quotation.

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