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We analyse and optimise your WiFi network infrastructure to boost performance and user experience

Full audits and optimisation projects at your business or retail premises

WiFi Performance
Over the last years, all types of devices are coming equipped with WiFi connectivity. The latest WiFi routers claim impressive performance and range. However, the reality of WiFi for many broadband users is not quite as impressive as WiFi puts an extra element in the 'chain' between your Internet connection and your devices, sending signals through the airwaves using frequencies that are shared by other WiFi users in the vicinity.

The higher your broadband speeds, the more challenging it is to deliver broadband connectivity via WiFi without degradation. In reality, the performance and speed claims from wireless router manufacturers are never achieved in practice

WiFi signals (particularly at 2.4 GHz) can be subject to substantial amounts of interference, for example, from neighbours using their own WiFi routers.

Legacy Equipment
While modern WiFi routers may use the very latest WiFi standards, often the WiFi components in devices already owned by people (such as PCs, notebooks and mobile phones) do not.

Limited Range
Due to the low transmit powers used with WiFi, range is generally very limited. Speeds and performance drop dramatically with distance, particularly if signals have to pass through walls and floors.

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